Snake, Rattle and Bones – Serpent Women

A woman becomes a snake when she works through her emotional wounds growing her awareness around all of who she is.

It’s the self that has been created for her before she could even speak, and she walks this path to no fault of her own until she chooses to own herself.
She will remember who she really is as she becomes intimate with her wounds and fears and tends to them lovingly.
The serpent teaches her to go deeper and tells her there is no end to skin shedding as long as she walks the earth. Skin shedding is part of her journey to become one with the earth, to remember who she really is…ancient.
Though the serpent did warn her when she was called to walk the path she will become a rattle for most.

Serpent wisdom, ‘A rattle is a woman who sees with clarity and speaks the truth and with this wisdom it will make people feel.
They will feel things they do not want to feel and they will blame you for this.
Strength is needed why going deep is essential to know the wisdom you know and gather the strength you need to be a rattle…’

Not everyone can be a rattle, these women are chosen lifetime after lifetime to develop their abilities over and over again.
Her existence is devoted to the Mystery and to the earth, life after life.
These women must be clear because when the time comes for Earth Mother to call upon her Rattlers they have no choice but to answer the call, they are one with her, they are also serpent women.

The Rattlers must take up the task to live their fire and teach others to shed their skins because there will be a time in earths history where humankind must die and transmute into their ancient selves or die a physical death.
This is because humankind will have had lost their way.
It was shown long ago this will happen so an energy was birthed and sprouted into single manifestations to become earth mothers rattles.

These women live on the edge of society.
They will never fit and will be the ones who live close to the earth because serpent women need to be naked and close to Her to hear the medicine of our Mother just like snakes do.
They are here to remember and to help others to remember, so if you are blessed to be rattled by a Rattler give her thanks and listen to her wisdom.
Leave her be as she will always retreat back to her cave to listen and know when her wisdom has assisted your old self to become dust and bones return to her once more.
She will show you the way back home.

Written by Astara Lak’ech ©

snake woman