Evolution, Ancestors and Getting On With It with a Drink in Your Hand 

I had this posted on my Facebook page but decided to delete it and share it here just to expand it beyond the world of Facebook and add a bit more in. 

Speaking of where we are right now… ugh yes I’m feeling it all and I know I’m not the only one..

It’s clear we’re being pushed to live beyond survival patterns, not comfortable but necessary to grow through because it keeps us repeating the same shitty patterns keeping us in fear destroying ourselves and the planet. More than fair enough. Great change is needed, I agree. I wish we could do it pissed but we can’t. Such a shame. 

Yep, enough already. I agree again. 

Fuck isnt it challenging living in the world the way it is now, so fucking unnatural and unrealistic. We are all feeling it whether it’s conscious or not, I really believe that because of interconnectiveness. 
Evolution is uncomfortable and painful and I do wish it had a stop button at times because it’s a persistent painful bitch. We don’t even have time to scratch our arses between growth spurts. Take those bloody knees and keep crawling through your evolution bitch, doesn’t it feel like that sometimes?? Can we do it pissed? Nup you can’t be numb, feel it all. Ugh for fuck sake! 🍷

Realistically…. whether we like it or not, it really is stiff shit because we just have to embrace what is and rise to the occasion. Sounds harsh but it isn’t it’s just honest and I’ve felt this a thousand times moving through my own shit show. We need to stop complaining, feeling sorry for ourselves and just get on with it. It really is a waste of energy and again yes many times experienced. 

I know there’s a lot of fear up on the planet I get that loud and clear. I also get it’s fucking challenging to stay focused on the good stuff with so much shit happening. I have my days too, but (big arse sigh) we got to keep going. Grow from the fear, make fear your friend and all that and I hate saying it and I’m saying it to myself as well but fuck gotta keep moving cause..we’ve got too much to lose if we don’t and so does our children, our grandchildren and their children. 

Rage and grief is powerful and potent when channelled to create something positive and nourishing and it’s more than doable. A challenge because it’s heavy and really easy to stay in it but powerful once you know how to harness it, it moves shit and creates good shit. 

And what about people, Le fucken sigh man 😩 With so much disconnection relating with people it comes to no surprise we are being pushed to relate with ourselves and nature first, it’s like we’re remembering how we used to be connected to self and planet and then we bring that authenticity into relationships with others. Feeling our worth and life in the great web of life. Knowing this is where compassion lives for all beings not just humans that’s a delusion too many have chosen to live under and look what we’ve done? Horrendous abuse to animals and the earth like we own both. Fuck off, we don’t. 
We’re all changing. Relationships are changing, relating has changed and not all for the better. See how messy it is? Some connections will withstand the challenge many won’t. It’s a deeply personally thing evolution and knowing self and what we need and want and getting to know who we really are then reaching out and connecting with those with their hearts open. We want to feel safe now with people. We don’t want to be put down, abused or take shit how we once did and why should we? (We were probably pissed the reason why we took so much shit) 

Learning to love ourselves and the planet beyond what we have been because truthfully we aren’t and certainly haven’t been hence the state of the world. Evolution is messy but necessary and so is smoking a spliff between ‘what the fucks’.. 

A relationship with the planet, self and ancestors..so important to add in ancestry. 

There’s so many reasons for this which I will be sharing more on the sister page The Mystery of Woman. 

Just a share because I’m feeling so much around the heart and for the planet 🌏 and would’ve been better if I wrote this with a glass of wine in my hand but I can’t cause I gotta feel it all…

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