Motherhood, Mother Earth – an Initiation

The initiation into motherhood is very rarely spoken about, yet we all experience it in some way, shape and form, but this is dedicated to the women that hear the voice of the Mystery when this initiation is experienced.

It’s a lonely and confusing walk into the unknown. It’s a stripping bare of all of who you are and unknowingly sitting in the flow of the Mystery which is scary and confusing to most women because there is no initiation like it. And it’s not just for a few months but intensely for a few years, changing and becoming something new with every stage your child grows into because you have to keep up to understand what they need and want and you must change with it.

You sit there for some time trying to work out who you are and what you’re becoming while giving everything you have to you babe. It’s tiring, emotional and full of uncertainty. Your sensitivity heightens and not sleeping doesn’t help. You feel the loss of who you used to be while trying to adjust to your life in routine and learning to not only nurture your babe but yourself as well because you’re learning really quickly if you don’t motherhood becomes more of a challenge.

You search for depth and most of the time you don’t find it. You’re hit with the same superficial bullshit society thinks motherhood is and it’s not what you’re feeling so you begin to second guess yourself and the uncertainty and the sadness deepens.

Well not here dear woman. I’ve walked it and it was scary, tiring, emotional and for so long I felt almost lost, wanting to know when will I actually grasp some kind of grounding of the person I am now. I did it by myself too and in some ways it was better because I could just immerse myself in that very deep dive and some of it wasn’t because the tiredness and the emotional upheaval was amplified. I cried myself to sleep too many times to count and I believe people may have thought I had post natal depression but I didn’t see it like that.

I saw it for what it was, an initiation. It was the knowing. I was guided strongly by spirit and my mediumship abilities grew ten fold, partly why I wasn’t sleeping was because of the constant spirit contact. It was a messy, overwhelming and magical experience. I felt naturally to begin exploring the deep emotions and memories that surfaced for me. Shit I never dealt with came up. Stuff from my childhood and my witch abilities grew.

This is such an important initiation and one that’s not spoken about as it should be. It’s deep, raw as fuck, painful, joyful and full of wonder and I think of a lot of the time, how many women if they were guided through the first few years how they could embrace the gifts and wisdom that come with such a powerful initiation if they had women or a woman that could share and support them to navigate through such a powerful time. It’s needed women. Let me share more with you. There’s so much here to share and we must start gathering to talk about this so you can feel empowered to embrace this initiation that is such a marvel and a blessing. It’s not only an initiation into the Mystery but the beginning of connecting with our Mother Earth in a deeper and more profound way.

And it’s constant. This initiation is just the beginning of many more. Like a readying and an experiencing of the tumultuous and peaceful walk through the unknown. Women naturally move with ancient Source it’s a gift being born a woman and more of a gift if we learn to pay attention to it.

There’s more to come honey. I will write more here and on my Facebook pages. If you would like to chat more one on one whether in person or via Skype or phone just connect with me via the contact form. It would be an honour to support you to navigate through it.