I dread writing the about page for this reason only – I find it challenging to share the depth of my passion, about my work and myself in one page. It’s partly why I created more pages so you can have a strong idea of the depth and commitment I work to.

I am a woman’s empowerment facilitator. I support and assist women to enter and navigate into the Mystery of All that is, into the wildness of the Divine Feminine. I am a devotee of the primary physical source of the divine feminine and empowerment, our beloved Mother Earth, and I share this:

I have been empowering women for 15 years and children for 10 years. I believe it’s one of the many things I am here to do. It’s natural to empower and believe in my own kind (and yes I include children here) because I know how amazing women and highly sensitive children are. I’ve also walked the Goddess mysteries since I was 19 and am I natural born medium and witch meaning, I’ve gone so much deeper than most you’ll ever know, and trust me when I say there’s fuck all fluff here.

I work with women on the edge of wanting to know themselves deeper. I work with women that want to take the leap and make that change. I work with women that want to live an empowered life and confront their own personal shit head on. I work with women that are not afraid of the truth and not afraid to live it. I work with women that aren’t afraid to be liberated and not afraid to be seen. I want women to embrace their humanness.

My work and myself is honest and not a lot of people are ready for truth and honesty. Too many say they are but aren’t. Those are the ones that give up and fall back into old patterns and trick themselves into believing they are not. That’s what can happen when confronted with the truth and I’ve seen those that get stuck and replay their frustration out over and over again, so I say this to you woman:

If you feel the pull within to work together I give you my truth, honesty and unconditional support to empower and assist you to navigate through the beautiful and messy world of you so you can walk your knowing and fuck off oppression once and for all. I will teach you to make friends with your fear and teach you to navigate and understand your emotional body, which holds the condition and patterns of self sabotage and assist you to find your calling and gifts within. I will support you to rip the chains off and be the person you are… and nothing less will be given.

I’m here to empower and support every person I work with to transform. To be, love and express their real self. To teach them to listen and act on the intuitive responses, learn how to navigate and express their emotional body, and also learn to know intimately their conditioned patterns and be rooted to the earth with no fucks given. I teach what I live.

I am a qualified counsellor, art therapist and permaculturist, but I’m not here to use these qualifications in the way I’ve been taught (besides permaculture), I am here to liberate and show people how to return home to themselves, and although these qualifications have taught some things, it comes nowhere near to what I have learnt through my own life experience, my path as a witch and my strong connection to spirit and this planet. This gives my work the depth and uniqueness that many seek but many cannot put into words. I call myself a Gaia Embodiment Facilitator but that’s more for work purposes as labels seem to be a real thing for people, but honestly I have had enough of labels. I find it restrictive to my freedom.  I’m just a woman who remembers who she is and has a strong connection to spirit, and I know why I am here and I just want to support and help where I can.

If you feel drawn to work together, come to me with no expectations, because I work with how I see and feel using my mediumship skills that is best for you and your child if I work with your babies too.

My love for children is another thing that you can read here – SERVICES FOR CHILDREN

but if you feel to work together come browse the services here – SERVICES FOR WOMEN 

With so much love,

Astara Lak’ech