This isn’t going to be a long page, because I want to encourage each one of you to connect with your roots and those that have passed before you and to know they’re here for you.

How many of us know our roots, actively connect with our ancestors, and ask for guidance from those that have passed? This is a natural act for many cultures around the world but one I have seen very little of in the western world.

Yet again this is all part of knowing who we are, and feeling that strength and backbone knowing we are loved and supported by so many before us. Pull on their wisdom and their knowing, reconnect with them. Even if you may not know who they are speak to them anyway, they are there.

We can visually and actively bring in their wisdom and guidance by creating an ancestral altar in our homes and tend to it daily. The altar will be something that feels right and personal to you which usually consists of photos of relatives from the past (but not needed if you have none). You can also use something that represents your ancestors. I know many people that use graveyard dirt but feel and think what speaks to you. Candles, incense and an offering of some kind which is different for every person. Some people offer some of their end of the day meal, some flowers, however that speaks to you go with that. It has to be personal and pleasing to you otherwise you will not feel drawn to tend to the altar.