Bones, Blood, Dirt

Death. Connected to the dark aspect of the Goddess, which for me is the core of who She is. Why? Because everything is birthed, created, recreated and dies in darkness. The light of who She is bringing creation and wisdom to be seen and heard then it becomes light, without it being seen and heard it remains hidden in the darkness.

Darkness is not always chaotic, destructive and fearful as so many see it. It is also peaceful, calming, loving and nurturing.

If anything I want to teach through my work, is seeing the Goddess with fresh eyes. Yes She is both light and darkness, but as I explained above darkness is the core of who She is. She is the mystery, the unknown, the flow of All that is. The peaceful and chaotic darkness that can be created and recreated again.

And this is why we need to confront as women to not be afraid of our own darkness. Whether chaotic or peaceful, we enter to know and establish a relationship with the Mystery/the Goddess/Mother Earth through our own darkness. Whether it is through deep pain and sadness, extreme fear or when we choose to cave and be with our own creative restful energy, our darkness is to be respected and confronted with love or if we are fearing, angry and in pain, with curiosity.

Death, learning to let go is one of the greatest challenges on our journey to know. It’s painful, chaotic and sometimes tormenting as fuck, but needed for it to be understood, accepted and embraced for the knowing and truth that it is.

If we can teach ourselves to be aware when we feel the aspect of death enter our life and accept it for what it is, it will make the flow of life easier. When I speak of the aspect of death, I am speaking of change or deep powerful change and yes there is a difference. Some change is just that and it doesn’t challenge us in the way that we need to recreate our life from the ground up, that is transmutation the medicine of the serpent which I will share in another page.

Usually the first signs we feel of death is through our intuitive feeling. We can feel things are changing and fear takes over and we look for different ways to try and salvage and control the change and not allowing it to be. This is the first sniff of the Mystery showing itself, so it is natural for fear to be provoked and quite natural again to respond to it. Sometimes we need to try everything we can to finally let something go and that too is part of the death aspect. Then gradually the change begins to manifest in the physical and we’re left wondering why, sometimes desperate, bewildered and lost and all we have is to gather our strength and to navigate through the chaos with our knowing. We’ve entered it, we’re in it and now we slowly begin to rebuild listening to our real self walking hand in hand with the mystery and she won’t let you go. You’ve entered it and now this will be the path you walk and everything you choose that is based on concepts and beliefs that is not real, will be stripped down, chaotically if needed, you now are home.

I share this because I have had many conversations with women that do not understand why they have made it through a profound life change, asking, why is chaos is still happening? They feel they are experiencing a run of bad luck but that is far from the truth, you are being guided to listen to your real self. Listen and act on the receiving of your intuitive self and not what you feel life should be. You are now flowing with your real self, with the Mystery there is no choice now but to listen to what is real and true.

When you have experienced more than one powerful life change like myself, you have a deep understanding of the death aspect of life. You learn to not fear it but embrace it as the truth and knowing it is. You have relearned to not struggle but to surrender because the more you struggle you prolong your pain. You accept that the old part of you is now blood, bones and dirt.