Growing Our Knowing and Creativity

To create is natural for every human being. We create how we choose to live our life everyday. We’re made of creational energy so therefore we do have the ability to create. Those that say they don’t just haven’t found and practiced with the right medium yet. It takes time to practice the art of surrendering and learning to work with the fear and judgements, understanding the sometimes negative internal chatter is actually there to have a voice too. In the beginning it can be overwhelming, especially if we have a pattern of suppressing our emotional body. The negative internal chatter is normal and natural. It’s been hidden, pushed down and it’s not happy and it’s asking for a place and to have a voice in your life. Only then is it seen and becomes ‘light’ and it takes more than one go.

Supporting women to create or grow their creative abilities feels natural because being an artist and writer myself, when you come into contact with a woman that has a willingness to explore her creative potential we both open to an energy exchange that is not known yet, we explore each door that will open and deepen her creative potential.

And this creative potential is not just held in the ideas she may have, it is also held within her fears.

When we create, we must always work with both threads which many people separate as fear and knowing or ‘dark’ and ‘light’ because becoming both, accepting both is the only way we can surrender to something that is much bigger than just our tiny selves and we open a channel that is natural, our real self communing with the Mystery.

Though patriarchy hasn’t created a world for women to be in their natural flow and nor has it for men either if we’re going to be honest about it, a reason why it is so important that women must find their flow away from the structure society has created and cave for a little to find her own.

To pull away from what we think is real for ourselves and pull into the knowing of our own chaotic darkness to relearn to hear, to listen and to be with our own natural flow is important and essential for every woman.

There’s too much distraction, too much information telling us how we should be, look, act, behave and think and fuck that. Our uncertainty speaks to us telling us to reconsider what we’re doing and what we are choosing for ourselves. It is not there to confuse us, it is there to guide us. If you’re unsure what I mean let’s connect. Click here to see how I can support you – SERVICES FOR WOMEN

Then click here to read about my payment and exchange one that suppers is both ❤️ – Payment and Exchange – PLEASE READ

Let’s create a collective of women’s purposes that supports the feminine and the earth. Right now I’m gathering interest but you can click here to support the Facebook page and read more about it – Supporting Women’s Creativity – PLEASE READ

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