True Empowerment & Real Spiritual Growth

Let me start off by saying very simply, this is the work. This is what being human is all about. It’s not about distracting it with how to heal or anything else. Nothing is going to shift shit unless people understand that there is no other way, everything else is a distraction. Trust me on this.. When I began walking my path with attention into the Mystery, I was 16. This is where it all leads to. I was told the magic of this by what was shown as a Native American Indian elder in my dream. He explained the importance of this work and described it like this – ‘A tree must grow roots to be rooted to Mother Earth. Without growing deeper roots, it cannot reach for the sky. This is why you must always have your feet on the ground or you do not grow, you lose yourself in a dream. When a storm comes, a tree sways with the storm but it is still rooted because it keeps growing deeper and deeper, to reach higher and higher. You must be grounded to the earth, to be strong like a tree..’ 

To have a clear channel to our real self we must know intimately our emotional body and what we are choosing to believe in because this filters our sight of what is real. Learn to see with clear eyes, this is what I want to show you. 


I begin here:

The inner world, our inner world consists of emotions, feelings and intuition, in all it’s creative energy but I’ll come back to that.

How many of us really get to know and understand our feelings and emotions? Learning what is emotion and what is an intuitive feeling? What we should actively respond to and what we should get to understand so we don’t repeat patterns that is unhealthy and destructive. Very few.

Most are afraid to even question what and why they’re feeling what they’re feeling, believing it is a completely natural response to have such a strong reaction to certain things but most of those reactions come from old emotional wounds and without questioning them can lead to the growth of that pain and to the extreme, manifest into sickness.

Some reactions are justified and these reactions are usually used to protect ourselves, and some may be exaggerated again from pain and fear but all in all needs to be explored. Over time with growing awareness can lessen and new established healthy patterns based on knowing can be created, meaning we start to live from our real self and not learnt behaviours that have been created from trauma or pain. We can live learning from our traumas and the thread of our knowing and move with both with attention. We do not push, distract or consider one of them to be bad because both threads make up who we are.

Yes this takes time, and yes it is so very possible, and imagine teaching this to our children? Imagine children being guided to live their knowing, their real self. That would mean they would know how to protect themselves because they would be taught to listen to their intuition, it would also mean they would know what makes them happy and what it is they would love to do in the world. It would mean they would be living their life with purpose however that looks and whatever that may be, whatever it is they would know.

But what about the adults?

It begins with us, both men and women but women I’m addressing you because I am here for both you and your babies. We reclaim ourselves, live our knowing and we pass this wisdom onto our children.