Let’s Gather

When women gather magic happens. It does. I’ve held women gatherings for many years and what takes place within circle, the outpouring of creative energy within and without the circle, the connections made is what all women need in their lives. Sitting in space, listening, sharing, creating, opening it all shifts shit. Good shit. And gathering together is necessary for many reasons.

My gatherings are more for learning, growing, connection and sharing. I’m not going to make you stomp around and make you paint your face and wear feathers in your hair. I gather to shift shit. Usually I open with a focus point for discussion but it doesn’t always flow in that way. The gathering has an energy of its own.

But now we really need to gather to connect and support one another, I feel it’s necessary because nowadays there’s very little genuine connection and we need support to evolve through the chaos of what is happening in our world.

Circle will either be inside or outside and I allow the energy of what the circle speaks and the connection to spirit to let flow however it is meant to be. More information will be shared on my social media pages. I am looking to create a newsletter/sharing but I’m not always the best on sending those out regularly so please keep in touch on social media or follow this website by clicking follow.

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