Reclaiming Our Power

If you’ve read the previous page, you will remember how I mentioned being highly sensitive we feel everything to a capacity that goes beyond a ‘normal’ range. (Whatever the fuck normal is)

For now, I’m going to use children as the example of feeling emotions and much of this can be used with teenagers as well, and I use this because it can be more of a challenge for some parents to decipher whats happening with our babies and the behaviour that can come with how each individual carries their emotions. It’s different for everybody because we all experience life differently and have had different life experiences and been taught to in some way, shape and form how to manage our emotional body, and much of that lacks healthy expression.

Why have we been taught this? Well clearly we have not been taught that our inner world, our emotions, feelings, intuition and body sensations are important enough to pay attention to, remember the feminine way is and still very much is oppressed and as we can see the patriarchal system is doing whatever it can to keep us in this oppression showing the cracks in a system that has done nothing but destroy the earth. It’s breaking.

I believe it’s because most people don’t know how and that it’s highly confronting, uncomfortable as fuck and most importantly once we KNOW, we have to take responsibility and create the change needed to honour and respect how we truly feel. You see with that, it creates real change, meaning we have to really look at life head on, with TRUTH and we now live in a world where we don’t really want the truth, we want easy, we want distraction, we really don’t want to feel uncomfortable yet by living a fucking lie we are going to be uncomfortable whether we choose to be honest with how we feel or not – no one can escape of distract the truth it just is.

My life’s work is this because I’ve had to spend much of my time navigating through a vast inner world. Understanding, expressing and acknowledging is the key to my happiness and because I feel so much, I needed to know how to be at peace. To be at peace with the person I am in the world we live in.

So what if your child is anxious? What have you observed to understand how he/she is feeling? Has there been any changes in their life? What’s happening in their schooling life that makes them feel uncomfortable? Are you being encouraged to disregard how they feel because people you know keep making the excuse ‘they’re too sensitive’ so they don’t, and you don’t have to make changes?  Do they express their emotions? If so how, or how not? What’s home feeling like at the moment? Is mum or dad or any of their siblings feeling unsettled, anxious, emotional?  Though these are just some questions once you do have an understanding of how they’re feeling, what do you do to resolve it? And the most important question, does what you offer to resolve, work?

Does it work in a way that it gives your child understanding and empowerment of what’s happening with them?

If it’s a no, more understanding and work needs to be done. Counsellors, therapists, psychs all have a place, but from my own experience and experiences of too many highky sensitive people, knowing people,  it’s just not fucking deep enough and it seems to revolve around a dependence of needing their services and that’s not helpful when you’re on your own freaking out and not understanding what’s happening inside of you or your child.

I am not encouraging to not use these services, but to get people to expand that we need more than one of these practices and more importantly we need depth to understand what’s happening inside of us. These practices are created from a governing system that keeps people dependent, needy and fearful. And yes they have a place but to really own who you are and to empower yourself and your children there is a NEED to be supported to go much deeper than we have ever been taught to. I am a qualified counsellor and art therapist and although there are some practices that I was taught that is helpful it just doesn’t go deep enough and when I say deep enough, deep enough that it teaches the client to be empowered on their own and have a deep understanding of their own inner world, what triggers their emotional wounds and how to manage and express what they feel when it is. This has been my experience and my work with women and children. I see now, the practice is as deep as the practitioner has gone and the awareness they carry in every day life. It goes much deeper than books and knowledge, but to know one self so deeply to walk the ancient knowledge that cannot be taught but found within. To walk such a path, one must be willing to, and be willing to be navigated at times through their inner world by someone that can SEE and is experienced, to relearn to be uncomfortable as fuck sometimes, to reconnect with nature and learn from Her again. We NEED to come back to what we already know that is deep inside of us and it is this we need to reconnect our children too because this is what they know to be real, they remember what most of us have forgotten.