To the Wild Ones

We come from a source of light

From deep within the darkness

Forever hunting the wild

Sniffing for stains of blood

That once were our ancestors

Ravaging our insides

Stirring the howl

We desperately need to become

Coaxing the mystery

To shake the foundation

Of what we are not 

So we can remember what we already are

Surrendering to the raging fires

That create the All

Burning down the illusion 

To live the reality 

Of what is

And what we truly are

We celebrate 

Smearing the ash of what never was

All over our warrior bodies 

Writhing in our freedom 

We are the ones that chose

To die a thousand times 

Chasing the old 

Just to unleash the freedom from deep within 

So you can remember 

The truth is your freedom 

And nothing less should ever be accepted.

Written by Astara Lak’ech ©