Into the Mystery

Women are a mystery. We’ve all heard that in some way. We are connected to something that is deep, untouchable and knowing. Yet, we fear the unknown. We have been taught to, we have been taught to fear our power.

To not be too powerful, too outspoken, too beautiful, too sexual, too too too… for fuck sake leave us be! And doesn’t that show that our power is feared. It makes people feel, it makes us unpredictable because we move with something ancient and society doesn’t fucking want us to so let’s show her that she can never be too much. Let’s traumatise women so they will never be the wild within. Though what these fuckers didn’t know you cannot tame the wild, it just is and that fire grows when it’s been caged. It wants more, it longs for freedom and she will claw her fucking way out when she’s reached the point of enough.

The unknown or the Mystery is just that. It is pure creative ancient source. It is natural to feel fear when we are confronted by it and moved to enter it. If we can begin to this see fear as a friend to keep us safe, we can enter the ancient knowing with more courage and willingness to to explore it’s depths and we enter it’s depth to know and understand ourselves more intimately and we walk away knowing so much more.

It’s not always entered through chaos or through profound change, but it usually is and this is to strengthen our courage and confront the fear head on, to know ourselves and what is real with more strength and determination. We soon realise after confronting what many women know and see it as Dark Goddess energy, the importance of knowing and walking the truth and it’s this that will rip open and fuck off oppression. To believe otherwise, to believe that there are other ‘short cuts’ is an untruth that is never worth telling yourself because you are so much more than that.

Don’t fear your strength, do not fear change because it is inevitable.