My Knowing to Support Children

A big part of what I can do is support and assist adults to understand children of high sensitivity and the way they communicate with the world. I believe I’m here to bridge the gap with understanding because I am one of these children born much earlier on so I can share how children of a higher sensitivity and intuition behave, communicate and interact which is much different than what most people will ever understand. Using my mediumship and clairvoyant ability I can share the workings of their inner world.

Leave them be.

To see and I mean see with clarity,  you must be open to be challenged to what you have been taught is ‘normal’ and be willing to understand uniqueness, your own uniqueness because it is through accepting your own can you be willing to understand anothers.

Let’s face it, this world refuses to broaden it’s understanding of what appears on the surface to be different and is edging closer to destruction because we are allowing ourselves to be dictated and governed by fear closing our minds. We cannot keep going like this.

Every person is unique. We are not here to be a ticked box on a piece of paper and who created these fucken boxes in the first place?

Our children, some of the most amazing young people are anxious and depressed because they don’t tick the box of conformity and WHY THE FUCK SHOULD THEY? Why is society and the government placing so much pressure on people to be exactly the same? To control. Control through fear and fuck that, when are we going to say NO more?

Autism, ADHD, dyslexia,being a boy, being a girl (sounds pathetic doesn’t it?) and the boxes go on….A highly sensitive person has a different way of communicating, seeing and being in a world. Too many children suffer from anxiety and depression from pressure to BE a certain way they are not, and let’s not forget other factors like environment, food etc. Our whole world has been tampered with fear and greed, what is natural anymore?

What if I said to you these children are so highly intuitive they are behaving and reacting in response to the anxiety and fear felt around them? What would you say to that? Would you consider that to be a fact? Think on it. Most adults I know are anxious living in a world that is so highly strung and disconnected, so imagine what our children are feeling?

I ask each one of you to feel into that for more than a moment, then sit with your children and feel into the world they are living in now and ask yourself, what can you do to change and lessen the anxiety they are living i? Is it really worth living someone else’s fear(and that’s what it is, an expectation)  for your children’s well being so they can ‘fit’ into a world that is created to destroy who they naturally are?

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