Our Mother Earth

She is life.

We are here to protect and be the caretaker of all life. We are too faraway from what we know is true, to be connected and have a relationship with self and our planet. Patriarchy made sure of that. Patriarchy has oppressed the personal power of all people, has purposely made women fear their own power and has created a world where our natural feminine flow cannot exist they way it naturally needs to be.

It is natural for feminine energy to be, to flow, it is natural to listen to ourselves and to the unseen, to create, to cave, to be connected to the Mystery. But the world we live in now, this way of being is not recognised but ridiculed and seen as lazy, but this is what is natural for women, it is the natural flow of our feminine power.

The oppression of our power is so ingrained that many women cannot see this with clear eyes… but we can peel back what is not real to see with clarity and walk our knowing how we once did, connected to self and our beloved Mother Earth.

We have a responsibility to ourselves, our planet, for our daughters and sons and their daughters and sons to reconnect with our knowing and rise together and fuck off this oppression once and for all.

No one stands in their true authentic power until the oppression of all living beings are free. 

As women, we need to support and work together to help one another rise through oppressed ingrained patterns. We must remind one another of our strengths, empower each other through challenges and grow beyond the fear that teaches us in so many subtle ways that we are not enough.

We must return back to the earth, back to our Mother and listen to Her as we once did so long ago. She will show us the way.

We must have a relationship with self and with the earth, without both there is no balance.