Authentic Support and Clarity

Sometimes parents request I have one on one sessions with children and I love it. I discuss how they would like it to be conducted and feel into a way that honours their sensitivity. I’m also open to meet the child in a place they feel comfortable so home visits and anywhere else is open.
I don’t like to hit children up with too many direct questions as it can shut them down, I like to work in a way that’s fun and intuitive where they feel relaxed to open up. I can feel into their answers, certain behaviours and have certain fun exercises and I also use art to feel into what’s happening with them and what we can do to support them.
Every child is unique and if they have been labelled with autism or ADHD as an example my approach is intuitive using the knowledge I have and also shared knowledge from their parents.

If you have any concern with your beautiful highly sensitive and unique child or teenager, please contact me so we can discuss what you and your child needs and what I can do to support.
Here’s a brief run down on how I can help you and your beautiful highly sensitive child –
* sharing how to understand and what’s happening with your child
* giving support and guidance on how to authentically support your child which will support the growth and evolution of their real self.

* how to parent intuitively and how to open and strengthen your own intuition.

* empowering your child’s emotional body and supporting you and them to embrace and work from their intuition, their real self.

* to support you (parent) to own and understand your own emotional patterns and create new ones to parent from a place of intuition and not respond from a reactionary place of old emotional wounds.

These are just a few and I look forward to discussing further with you.

Chat and Support for your Child

I have many in person and Skype sessions with children and teenagers that are needing support and reassurance from someone other than a family member that have walked what they are experiencing, understand and have the presence and knowing to support, hear and see them.

Most all there needs to be presence, openness, intuition and understanding when speaking to highly sensitive children and adults. We see, we know, and we feel and we require a presence that most people don’t have because most people aren’t present, actually more than ever so you can see where not only adults but children are suffering needing real connection to be heard and seen.

I would love to be that person for your child/teenager. Please contact me to talk further.

Connect with me via the contact page – Contact