Sexual Energy

Our potent creative force is feared and wanted. We as women also fear it for various reasons. Most women have not been taught how to channel, express and own this energy that is hers alone without influence from the outside world which feeds a need within her that she is not enough.  And from this, women can use their sexual energy to manipulate and influence others because of this need. We don’t need to do that. We’re more than that, and we can go beyond and beneath it and know this energy and make it our own.

The main source of marketing is based on that we are not attractive enough, thin enough, sexy enough, smart enough, fuck and it goes on. And it’s easy to be affected by this because the strong and subtle messages that we are not enough is everywhere. It’s ingrained in most men to see we are not worth as much as they are and it’s ingrained in most women to believe it, and we believe it because we have been taught to fear our power.

Grounded sexual expression comes from knowing ourselves. It is the expression of all of who we are not just as a body. It goes beyond what society believes is to be sexy and what we’ve been taught that is sexy, which has been created from the point of view of dis-empowered men. When you think of your sexual energy, is the primary focus to be attractive to the opposite or same sex? Or do you pull that energy into your knowing with the want to be what you believe is attractive?

Our sexual expression and our bodies is not here to purchase products or for women to believe they’re not enough. It’s not to be manipulated so some fuck boy can use you to feel good about himself, it’s for you to learn to express and channel this potent energy to create the life you want it’s not always about the sexual act and definitely not about how you look.

Empowering sexual energy can be a tricky one because I am a firm believer of fucking off the conditioned way of seeing and being anything but our real selves, and because we’ve been taught and told too many times over how we should be, act, look and behave, empowering sexual energy can be a slippery slope. It’s here we can see and learn how we’ve been taught to be and how we should express ourselves in the world. It takes time to unravel what isn’t truth and what is real for you.

But it’s more than possible, and constant questioning of what is right and feels good for you without reacting on fear and neediness is essential.

This is such a big big topic and one that needs to be addressed so we can come back to ourselves, rooted to our bodies and our sexual energy rooted in knowing not in need or fear.

And what about trauma. Too many women, myself included has experienced abuse. See how big this topic is? This is something I will create group discussions on in person, but it is also something I can support you to navigate through as I do know personally how big this can be but I also know what it feels like to walk out the other end empowered.

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