Supporting Women’s Creativity – PLEASE READ

Women of the wild, lets exchange the word business for creativity because women flow. Yes we need to channel our creativity with some kind of structure but one that is our own. I like the word creativity instead of business because I work better knowing I’m being creative which I am, and not feeling like I have to structure it with a model that has never worked for me and I know for so many other women too.

I had a national creative purpose years ago one where I would nurture and showcase women’s creative purpose but it wasn’t meant to be back then for so many reasons, but I was good at it and I loved it.

Now, after everything I have experienced I am ready to bring this back but one with standards created from knowing and purpose to break the structure of the patriarchal business model which many women are still working under which is completely fine but one that I want to change that not only supports women and their creative expression but one that is rooted to the love of our Mother Earth. This is whats missing in business. Based on money and not heart.

With this creation the standards I work to and the women I choose to support will hold the same values which are – 

  • I support women that are artists, writers and who create with love, integrity and respect with the initial purpose to love and raise attention to loving ourselves and our Mother Earth.
  • No animal products will be marketed, so no animal skins or products tested on animals no matter how little so this includes leather string on jewelry.
  • Their purpose is to connect and love what they do and isn’t based on the sole purpose of money. I know this is the usual business model but I have found with keeping the intention on connection and loving what we do creates the prosperity we want.
  • Each woman who chooses to be part of this creative collective will receive: creative (business) support from myself, have their work marketed on the Facebook page and be showcased on the website, skype calls to keep in touch and to share your creative intention as I must know of your ongoing intention and creative purposes to know it fits in with the collective criteria, be part of a collective to support the earth and have the support of women with the same intention. There is more but I wanted to share just a basic view as right now I’m just collecting interest.

We as women must find our own way to grow and share our creativity because we are here to flow as the feminine energy is. Patriarchy is not created to support the feminine or the earth so lets fucking change it!

If you would like to be a part of this and support it, to know and collect interest can you please click below and like the Facebook page. Once it received 100 likes I will begin growing this energy but I need support and interest to do so. Feel free to invite other women and to share the page if it calls to you. This do this for our Mother and for ourselves. Lets create a way that works for All of us. A collective that supports Mother Earth.

Facebook page, please click here and love – Barefoot Collective