The Seer

Tormenting visions received from the seer

Raising the sword of truth hurting those she holds dear

Truth cannot be escaped even when we choose not to see

We must embrace boldly what we must heed

The raven speaks to us within the darkness 

Cocking it’s head from one side to another seeing through us with such sharpness

It’s presence confronting our most inner fears 

To heal wounds we have carried for too many years

With no words spoken I hear this

Vibrating through the darkness of the unbroken..


‘You seer you must speak to those that are not clear

Even to those you hold dear

Strip back what is not real

Surrender to your pain for you are here to heal

Tears you can shed but know this you must

Rely on everything pure and those few you trust’

Hush now child rest and weep

We will hold you closely and heal you as you sleep..’


The path of a seer is challenged to strengthen the inner sight 

To go beneath the surface to share wisdom to those that are brave enough to seek out their light

A channel for the old ones

A path walked between worlds

One of darkness and light

A path unfurled 


Written by Astara Lak’ech (c) 

raven and sword