Serpent Medicine

Serpent is my totem. It is has been 17 years of working, learning and walking this powerful energy. It is the energy of the earth and the wisdom connects us to the ancients beyond all indigenous cultures straight to the Mystery itself.

The serpent teaches us to transmute our energy, to stay connected to Mother Earth as it receives the wisdom through its body very much like women do. It teaches that shedding is natural and needed the importance of letting go and embracing the death of self when it’s outgrown the old way of being. It teaches us to listen to ourselves, our feelings and to our Mother. But this isn’t all it teaches.

I share the importance of serpent medicine because it is what women naturally are. Though we have lost our deep connection to our Mother Earth which is a very big part of our power.

Women flow. We are deeply and naturally connected to change yet we’ve been taught to fear change in a world that is trying to do everything in it’s power to control what it cannot. Nature. And that includes our nature too.

When we’re going through deep change, understanding serpent medicine can support us to go through the ‘shedding’ process which is very much the death aspect of the Mystery, and is the core of who She is.

I share a very small part of the wisdom I have learnt over the last 17 years on this page and will create gatherings where I will teach to the women that feel called to walk serpent medicine. This isn’t a learning of a totem, this is a lifetime path. There is no superficial shit with my work, it’s raw and deep and it is those that I am willing to work with. If you want to go deep and you’re on the edge of wanting to know yourself, I am the person for you.