The Wild

Ohhh my favourite. The Wild. What is it?

It’s the fire in the core of our knowing. It is the woman unleashed, the wild that knows and sees itself in the core of the fiery knowing of every living creation. It senses it, fucking smells it and writhes in it.

It’s our freedom. Our liberation lived. It is unapologetic sexual desire and expression unleashed. It’s our no fucks given. It is our fire, our real self ablaze.

It is through my many experiences with the death of who I once was, the painful dark passages of the death aspect of the Mystery is where I found the fire of the wild. The fire of creation. I speak of the wild a lot in my work. Our liberation lives here and it’s not till we experience the death of ourselves many times over do we truly understand what this is.

It can’t really be shared in words but lived and experienced. I hope this for you.