Witchcraft, one of the sexiest words on the planet.

Women, to those that have dabbled with their fire, to those that know it’s there but have been too afraid of it. To those that have been too afraid to speak up, to live your fire, afraid you maybe rejected from those that say that love you or afraid of the change it will bring…you’re going to find out what your made of.
You’re going to remember who you are, you will live your knowing because what’s to come we will have no choice to..

And just how our cycles link together when we are close or develop close relationships with women, we too, the ones that choose to listen will connect in a way that we will remember not only ourselves but the direct and powerful link to our Mother.
The one source that says what is and what isn’t. Not men.
She’s the one leading the way and all we need to do is listen and empower one another.
This isn’t a separation from men, this is fucking off oppression once and for all.

You don’t know about witchcraft, shamanism, healing, plant medicine, herbalism, druidry, hoodoo, voodoo and the list goes on.. you will beloved. We each have healing abilities, abilities which directly link us to the earth. We work closely with Her as we once did and will again.