Work of the Serpent Elders

This work is dedicated to Mother Earth. She is the divine feminine and the teachings lie within nature. To the elders I’ve walked with in spirit, their channelled teachings is the very essence of this work. My life is dedicated to the purity of the human spirit and to empower both women and children to remember their knowing. Believe in it, embrace it and continue to have a relationship with it regardless what this world tells you what they think you should be, you know who you are.

Every path is different as we all have had different life experiences to navigate through, dictating the depth of your course and your willingness to remember the truth. Be patient. This is not a competition. I’ve seen too much competitiveness in my line of work as a medium and a feminine empowerment facilitator and my darlings there is no place for bullshit here. Competitiveness wreaks of emotional wounding and a need of self acknowledgement, love and believe in yourself. Follow your own voice and do not compare your uniqueness with another, if you catch yourself comparing I say what I will always say, go deeper.

The grandmothers who I lovingly call, is in the presence of these teachings. They are who I go to when I’m guiding a woman to her essence, they tell me how to support and assist her to navigate through her inner world. Their medicine is of serpent and they are seen as the protectors of Mother Earth. I see them in the core of the Earth but also of the stars. They are ancient and full of profound deep wisdom, a knowing us humans cannot comprehend and it is an honour to receive, one I hold with great respect.

This work is also for women who want to KNOW and to empower their babies to live their knowing and learn to understand their depth by understanding their own.